The main part of the Earth's wealth is concentrated in a few hands. The one per thousandth of the world's population controls resources, energy and products of the planet. This concentration prevents the balanced development of a great part of the human beings and causes economic crisis, poverty and violence.

Planet Inhabitants Fund is the monetary fund of those intending to decentralise and equally redistribute the wealth of the Earth, financing initiatives suitable to improve the conditions of those living in worse situations. All the inhabitants of the planet aged at least sixteen applying by depositing or undertaking to deposit a quote corresponding to the one decided for the inhabitants of their country can take part in the fund. The amount to be deposited is different for each country in proportion to its purchasing power monetary parity (PPA).

The application should be made by sending the specific form, filled and undersigned by the applicant, to the fund's offices or by e-mail. At least one tenth of the shareholding must be deposited on application. The amount that hasn't been paid on application can be deposited either in one go or in different payments within ten years from the application's date.

Those holding a share of the fund are participants. The participants' deposits and commitments to deposit constitute the shares. The fund's assets are constituted by the participants' shares and by any other granted values. The fund's shares can't be expropriated, reimbursed or transferred in any case.

The participant's shares value is indexed daily according to London's market official value of fine gold in bars.

On application to take part in the fund, a body will undertake the commitment to grant an amount equal to the one from the day of the participant's death to the beneficiary indicated by the same participant within ten days from his/her death.

The fund's organs are: the general council, the president, the executive committee and the technical committee. The general council is formed by the representatives elected every three years by the participants of each country in proportion to their population, and has all the powers over the fund's management. The fund's president is elected every year by the general council and legally represents the fund directly or through delegation. The executive committee is made up of twelve members elected for three years by the general council and has all the power in order to execute all the general council's decisions. The technical committee is formed from five to three hundred members appointed by the executive committee that can revoke any of them at any time.