DhxGov.org is the official web site of Dhana currency and of the control authority Dhura.

Dhana means "money" in Sanskrit and "thought" in Swahili. Dhana is the currency of the Republic of the Earth entirely guaranteed by capitals of enterprises. Each Dhana has an issue value of 25 Euro. The Dhana issued since the 14th of June 2001 are 150 billions, guaranteed by 3,750 billions of Euro worth in capitals. The total amount that will be issued is approximately of 500 billions of Dhana, for a value par to 12,500 billions of Euro. Each inhabitant of the Earth aged at least 16 will be assigned one hundred Dhana by paying only a reimbursement of the issue cost, which changes from Country to Country in proportion with the per capita average wealth. The 5 per cent of the issued Dhana are addressed to humanitarian purposes.

Dhura is the authority for Dhana's issue and for its monetary system control. It's been constituted on the 12th of June 2002 with the specific Regulation approved by the Committee of the representatives of the Republic of the Earth.

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