Leonardo’s parachute.

The greatest ship of the world was sailing on an ocean cruise. All passengers and crewmembers had a life insurance policy. At the same time, thousands of kilometers away from the ship an airplane was flying over the same ocean. The captain of the airplane saw a big dark spot on the surface of the water. From the color, it looked like a special acid capable of melting down even marine steel. Once landed the captain pointed out the spot to the airport authorities. But nobody thought of spreading the information.

The captain told a physician what he had seen. The physician understood the danger the ships going through the acid spot would run and though of a solution. He recalled that parachute of Leonardo’s. This parachute isn’t made for slowing down the descent but to remain in the air. He provided the parachutes with small life vests. Rapidly he made so to produce some thousands of them. Then, he went to see which ships were about to arrive on the spot. He discovered the cruise ship. Rented a cargo aircraft were he had the parachutes loaded. When the airplane was on top of the big ship it left the parachutes fall along with many leaflets showing why and how to use them.

But, all passengers were happy and the crew was doing everything to make them feel even happier. No one believed the physician; indeed, the captain of the ship accused him for breaking sea law. Only some children, as a game, wore the parachutes. At a certain point the ship arrived on the acid spot and the hull began melting down. Everyone run to the lifeboats. But also those started melting down, together with their passengers. The children instead, wore Leonardo’s parachutes, got on the highest deck and jumped off. The wind carried them kilometers away from the acid spot. Once fallen in the water the parachutes came off the life vests and the children floated. A few hours later, all children were saved. They weren’t rich, or happy but they were alive.

Somebody saw the acid spot. Somebody committed himself with the ship problem and conceived, produced and offered the solution: not to save the ship but to save lives.

This is what Dhana is for.