The national economic plan for the employment has been studied during years 1994-1995, with the aim of reaching the maximum employment of the labour force in Italy. It provides the institution of nearly 20,000 new productive units with the following characteristic:

     enterprises constituted under shape of limited liability partnership founded by two holdings;

     activities correspondent to the economic and productive vocations of the area in which each enterprise has its seat, compatibly with the world's solvable demand of goods and services;

      investments for the average value of 12.5 millions of Euro by each enterprise;

      financial backing of the investments, part by public financing and part by private capitals;

      carrying out term of eight months since incorporation;

      fifty working units to start, then tripled in the following two years;

     average transactions volume of twenty millions of Euro each year, then tripled in the following three years;

     the employees of each enterprise participate to an association which is assigned a share of the company's capital, in order to make them participate to risks and outcomes;

      the economic relationships among enterprises and employees are based on three levels: responsibility, performances, participation to outcomes;

     development of functions unrelated to the own activity of each enterprise by the eventual part of employees exceeding the productive requirements of the enterprise.

The essential results of the plan, after the initial investments, are:

      new means of production for 200 billions of Euro;

      creation of one million new workplaces;

      increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of one hundred billions of Euro;

      eeconomic relationships determined by the participation of the workers to the enterprises management.

One of the two holdings promoting the plan has been constituted in 1997 and has already carried out a series of preliminary enquiries in every Italian commune. In 1999 has been founded a special group of companies constituted from seven operating societies in a position to promote and realise the plan.