Future Vision

From past of future vision to the vision of the past

Year 2000

Many years ago some people have imagined that before the end of the twentieth century we would see cars flying over the cities.

Year 2000 has arrived and these flying vehicles there have not been.

On the land, only conventional cars restricted to roads.

In the sky, noisy and slow helicopters and bulky airplanes forced on runways for take-off and landing.

No real car took off.

Third Millenium

In the beginning of the third millenium, with a little delay, finally the dream of many people is a reality.

Now, the future will be with cars that fly over cities, countries and seas.

Air-X presents a new innovative category of vehicles simply called “flycars” for free passenger travel by air and road.

The first real car that can fly.

The first vertical take-off and landing aircraft for real road driving.

The first flycar.

The Future Is Now

An Air-X flycar is a real car that can fly, providing purely automotive driving experience on the road combined with the ability to transform into an aircraft that we have decided to make it capable of taking off and landing vertically.

Free from the cage of roads and airports, it will be possible to detach the flight from home to catch up farther places.

Now, we are in third millenium.

Now, finally, we are in the future!


Now it's time for a new innovative category of vehicles called “flycars”, for passenger travel on the road and sky.

Capable of vertical take-off and landing to avoid the requirement of an airport.

Very easy to pilot thanks to the total flight systems electronic control.

A sporty coupè that combine elegant and dynamic design, comfortable interior and top performance that can start, take off and landing from own courtyard, a small near surface or other place without obstacles over the head.

VTOL characteristics allows vertical take-offs and landings combined with good range and optimal performance.

After landing Air-X flycars return wonderful and luxurious dynamic cars that can travel on country and city roads.

The best experience that you can imagine!

Maximum Power

> 2000 CV

Road 0-100 km/h acceleration

< 2.5 s

Road Top Speed

> 450 km/h

Sky Top Speed

> 650 km/h

Road and Fly Range

> 500 km

Note: preliminary project data


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Flycar in road mode

Design and Layout Studio (2002)

Flycar in road mode

Design and Layout Studio (2002)

Flycar in road mode

Design and Layout Studio (2002)

Flycar in road mode

Design and Layout Studio (2006)

Flycar in fly mode

Design and Layout Studio (2007)

Flycar in road mode

Design and Layout Studio (2007)

Flycar in fly mode

Design and Layout Studio (2009)

Flycar in fly mode

Design and Layout Studio (2009)


Here's how the spectacular capabilities of our flycars are possible.


These flycars take advantage by automotive and aeronautical best materials for the structural elements.

Carbon fiber and light alloy are for the main chassis, propulsion system and body.

The glasses are made in a special light stratified material for minimal weight but maximus resistance.


The propulsion system concept takes inspiration from the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) military aircraft for the vectorable thrust.

But the affinities finish here and some patents have been registered for this innovative system.

Thrust source, trasmission and air flows layout are totally new.


Air-X flycars use a lot of electronic that allows easy drive in flight and more safety on the roads.

Electronic systems have the control on power, thrust, aerodynamic surface, air flows, trasmission and brakes.

Electronic flight systems prevent collisions and drive errors.


Air-X flycars are equipped with an electronic anti-collision system.

VTOL characteristics and the particular propulsion system allows high safety.

But problems can occur regardless of vehicle reliability.

In case of emergency the parachutes may be extracted by a security procedure.

How To Buy

Purchase of your flycar


All studies and tests take a long time.

The production will start after the necessary approval.

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Your Air-X flycar will be delivered wherever you want.

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